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Choosing a yoni egg or wand

There are many choices in yoni eggs and wands. The several gemstones each have their own qualities in energy. It’s important to choose a gemstone that meets your theme in healing. What is your theme about? Choose you gemstone based on this. In this article I will share more information about several options for beginners, intermediate and professionals.

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Pleasure as deep inner awakening

Pleasure as deep inner awakening. Ever thought about a deep inner awakening through (self) pleasure? There is so much magic and wisdom in the sexual energy we carry within us. Maybe you told yourself you can’t behave in a sensual way. Teasy way. Dirty thoughts. But this isn’t like that. It’s all about awakening the feminine energy within you. A deep inner awakening through (self) pleasure).

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Relaxing the vagus nerve

Relaxing the vagus nerve with pleasure will bring you a full body relief and relaxtion. Many woman and men hold tension in the body unconsciously. Emotions as fear, anxiety, anger, worry and trauma can get stuck in the body. Self pleasure, bodywork, movement therapy and sex is supportive in healing the body.

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